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Historia presents:


A docudrama based on the letters of

Bombardier Edwin Hassall 1916-1918

by  Kate Glover


It is June 1916.  A 6 year old girl, Joan Burbridge, watches as her father wraps up a packet of chocolate for the brave soldiers at the front.   A thought strikes her:  'How will the soldier know the chocolate is from me?'  Her father obligingly writes on the packet:  ‘From Little Joan, Whiterock, Wadebridge, Cornwall’.

Six weeks letter, a green field envelope arrives, addressed to Little Joan.   Inside was a letter, the first of many,  from Bombardier Edwin Hassall, Royal Artillery, still in the midst of the fighting at the Battle of the Somme.

The story of the letters from ‘The Chocolate Soldier’ to Little Joan and her father,  from the Somme until the Armistice, is told movingly and amusingly,  by three actors, in a cabaret style performance with poetry and popular songs from the period.


Dates and Venues   TBC



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Updated 16 January 2017