Evelina - the Cast

Photographs by Val Dimir

Evelina.JPG (95720 bytes)

Evelina: Sophie Trott

Belmont Evelina.JPG (203717 bytes)

Sir John Belmont and Evelina : William Maxwell and Sophie Trott

Mirvan Maria.JPG (173107 bytes)

Mrs Mirvan and Maria: Naomi Sachs and Hester Rugg

Orville Willoughby Belmont.JPG (162148 bytes)

Lord Orville, Sir Clement Willoughby and Sir John Belmont: Tom Sykes, Lenny Peters and William Maxwell

Selwyn Belmont.JPG (203043 bytes)

Mrs Selwyn and Sir John Belmont: Brenda Dowsett and William Maxwell

Lovel.JPG (113101 bytes)

Mr Lovel: Mark Holman

Duval Branghton.JPG (183618 bytes)

Madame Duval and Mr Branghton: Brenda Dowsett and William Maxwell

Willoughby Lovel Orville.JPG (102986 bytes)

Sir Clement Willoughby, Mr Lovel, Lord Orville: Lenny Peters, Mark Holman, Tom Sykes

McCartney Belmont duel.JPG (69762 bytes)

Mr McCartney and Sir John Belmont: Gregory McFarnon and William Maxwell

Willoughby.JPG (87941 bytes)

Sir Clement Willoughby: Lenny Peters



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