The Sound of Breaking Glass

Photographs by Dawn Long

Ethel (Kate Glover) tells off local copper (Michael Murray)


Lady Clegthorne and Reggie at the Derby


Emma (Robin Miller) diffidently selling leaflets


Ethel, Maisie (Kate Bancroft), Emma and Kitty (Mary Drake) outside Parliament, preparing to smash government windows


Lady Clegthorne at tea with Emma and Reggie (Gregory Cox)


Kitty tries to persuade Emma to join the cause


Ladies at the Derby

Emma  and  Maisie  (Kate Bancroft)  at the Suffragette Rally at  Hyde Park

Daughter Lucy (Olivia Busby), astonished at seeing her mother selling suffragette leaflets


Reggie is crestfallen at the news of his wife's activities


Emma is arrested by local policeman


Dejection and non-communication after World War I



Performance at St Dunstan's